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Tulips' Jug: A Free, Printable, Do It Yourself Art Practice Sketch

Try your hand at a still-life scene. Print copies of this free sketch and then use watercolor, pastels, acrylic paint, markers or colored pencils to make it your own. Or, print it on canvas and try oil paints. This simple composition includes most of the elements that you usually see in still-life art: ceramics, glass, leaves and flowers, so it's a good start for beginning artists.

Get a free still-life reference photo and print a free sketch of this still-life scene at

Reference Photo and Free Printable Sketch

Still-Life Scene - Print a free sketch and create your own at

Painting by FotoSketcher


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Just click to download an Adobe PDF file with a free sketch that you can print on standard 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch paper with your home or office computer's printer.

Print on paper that's right for the type of colors you'll be using. Use smooth texture watercolor paper for markers, gouache, copics, pastels and, of course, watercolors. Print on heavy bond paper for coloring with pencils or crayons. Use inkjet canvas, available online or at art stores, for oil paints and acrylics.

Try any and all color mediums you like. You can print the sketch as many times as you want. Try different colors. Try printing on colored paper. The sketch is for coloring, but it's also great for experimenting with different techniques and for following along with the artists' lessons that you'll find at Today's Arts.

When you're happy with your creation, show it off in a mat or frame. The image area of the sketch is the size of a standard 8x10 photo frame and should also fit perfectly in an 11x14 craft-store mat.



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The sketches offered on this web site were generated from original photos with the help of the wizardry of Photoshop,,,,,, and other photo editing sites and programs. They are protected by US and international copyright laws and may not be copied or disseminated in any way without permission. They are intended only for use by individual artists to help them learn painting techniques to improve their own works.

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