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Create an Old Master Style Photo Painting

Here's How to Give a Traditional Painted Effect to Any Digital Photo

Create a DIY Photo Painting from Any Snapshot - Learn how to turn any digital photo or camera phone shot into something much more interesting. Add an old master style painted effect, in five minutes or less, without Photoshop, Instagram or a drop of paint. Try it. Youíll be amazed. Itís fast, free and fun.

Photo Painting Created at

Some time back, I took a point-and-shoot snapshot of an apple, fresh from the tree. I liked the apple, but not the photo. The lighting was as dull as my photography skills. The image was pale and boring.

I decided to experiment with the photo to make it more interesting so I searched for special effects among dozens of free online photo editors. I stumbled on It's a free and fun photo-effects web site. It turned my apple snapshot into something that reminds me of a Renaissance fresco. Just imagine what it could do with a better photograph?

If you'd like to give it a try with your photos, just click below to visit Click on "HDR effect" and then upload one of your photos from your computer, disk or cell phone. When your image appears, adjust the saturation so that the colors are a little more vibrant than you'd like them to be. Then, hit the "Apply Effects" button and wait. The processing may take a minute or more. That will seem like an eternity. But, it took Michelangelo even longer to do his stuff.

When your new image appears, you can adjust the color saturation and "Strength" of the effect as often as you like. When you're happy with your fresco, save it and you're done. Just make sure to give it a new name so that you don't overwrite the original image file.

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