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Learn How to Sketch and Draw from Nature

Choose from 64 Free, DIY Nature Drawing Lessons - Click through to, download any of four free eBooks and teach yourself how to draw landscapes, trees, flowers and just about everything else.


Enjoy drawing and sketching from nature - Download four free eBooks from and teach yourself how to draw landscapes, trees, flowers and just about everything else. The books include sixty four different lessons, tips and techniques by expert instructors. They cover drawing with pencils, colored pencils and pastels.

You can learn at your own pace, taking the lessons that you want when you want to take them. Print any or all of the books and take them with you on a Plein Air drawing excursion. Or, just sketch what you see through your window.  You can get started by downloading your free books right now:

Pencil Sketch Drawing Lessons: 32 Sketching Techniques to Learn How to Sketch with Expression and Power

Pencil Drawing Lessons: 27 Ways to Use Values to Create Dramatic Pencil Drawings

How to Draw Flowers: How to Draw a Rose, Azalea, or Any Flower You Like

Landscape Drawing Lessons: How to Draw Landscapes, How to Draw a City, and Tips on How to Draw Trees


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